Radiant pool surfaces

There is no equal to the sophistication, elegance and pearlescence that a Séychellia™ pool finish offers. Its shimmer will bring your pool’s inner beauty to the surface with a glow that will be a constant reminder of how quality and beauty make perfect partners.

Séychellia’s pearl finish reflects the glimmer of the sun which results in an ever changing lustrous patina that enriches the splendour of your home.

Designed for your enjoyment, a Séychellia pool’s low maintenance silky smooth texture is gentle underfoot while providing slip resistance and safety.

A Séychellia surface is not just a pool finish, it is a statement, a way of living and an expression of refinement.

The five opulent hues of Séychellia are ideal for both new and existing pools and will reflect the elegance of your lifestyle for years to come. Séychellia colours are enhanced by ambiant lighting, surroundings and the unique design of your pool.

Perfectly formed spheres of colour intensify the Séychellia sparkle. We recommend the use of a tile band around the water line to complement your Séychellia finish.

The highly durable and low maintenance surface of Séychellia means you have more time for swimming and admiring your radiant pool’s crisp, vibrant appearance year round.

You are welcome to contact our trained staff for advice on selecting and caring for your Séychellia finish or download our comprehensive care guide.